Brett Jenkins Sneak Peek

In the very near future, I will be posting an interview with poet Brett Jenkins.  Here is a sneak peek at one of her poems from her third chapbook Over the Moon.  

(You know you are curious and want to read more!  You can do so by clicking here. )


Sleepover on the Moon in 1998

I hope it doesn’t rain–my umbrella will float away.
My mom says it’s too far, will your moon mom
come and get me? I wrote you a secret note in code
and trick-folded it up but I’m not sure how much
moon stamps cost.  Do any radio stations come in there?
I don’t want to miss the Top 40.  Let me paint your
toenails on the moon.  Let’s eat Gushers on the moon!
I love you so much on the moon.  I dare you to
jump over that crater.  I am going to kiss you in that crater until
we can see the whole sun.  My love for you is reflecting
to the Earth and people point at us and sing songs. Every
movie with the moon in it incorrectly credits our love
(it isn’t credited.)  Here we are on the moon.
Wow!  Look at this view.  You are beautiful.




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