15 Notable Arabic Books Forthcoming in English Translation in 2017

Arabic literature is one of my research interests. I hope to read all of these in 2017!


A look at a few of the Arabic books forthcoming in English translation in 2017:

Jan 2017

ascensionAscension to Death, by Mamdouh Azzam, trans. Max Weiss (Haus Publishing)

From the publisher:

Ascension to Death, which launches Haus Publishing’s new Modern Arabic Classics series, is the first work of acclaimed Syrian writer Mamdouh Azzam to be published in English. Set against the backdrop of a conservative Druze region of southern Syria, this is the tragic story of the orphan Salma, who falls in love with a boy from her village but is then forced into an arranged marriage.

The controller of Salma’s fate is her tyrannical uncle, who, as her guardian and a powerful community leader with governmental ties, is all too pleased to unload the burden of his brother’s daughter onto the first man to propose. As Salma desperately tries to escape the marriage, the novel follows her attempt to…

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2 thoughts on “15 Notable Arabic Books Forthcoming in English Translation in 2017

    1. Lisa: I just today discovered what looks like a great source for Arab lit, Hoopoe Press: http://hoopoefiction.com/about/ They have a blog you can follow.

      Might I suggest you try Betool Khedairi’s “A Sky So Close”? It is about a young girl growing up in Iraq in the 1970s and 80s. I think it is beautifully done. Happy reading!


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